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Take the pressure out of HOME entertaining with HOMETAINMENT’s private chef experiences.

You’re planning to go out with your friends, but you don’t really want to face the London traffic, the long queues or the hard-to-get reservations at London’s top restaurants. You want to host a dinner party but cooking isn’t really your forte and you don’t really want to be stuck in the kitchen. Sound familiar?


We get it. That’s why with HOMETAINMENT we want to make entertaining at HOME, easy and fun - after all it’s meant to be enjoyable! By booking one of our private chefs you can experience incredible restaurant-quality dishes, fine dining, amazing cookery classes and international cuisine from the comfort of your HOME. From intimate dinner dates to larger group events, HOMETAINMENT's private chefs can be hired to create delicious meals and bespoke menus for you and your guests at HOME.

House party, office party or a fun night-in, book one of our HOMETAINMENT private chefs  and let them take care of the menu.

Explore our unique HOMETAINMENT private chef and dining experiences and book a private chef at HOME.


Take the pressure out of HOME entertaining with HOMETAINMENT’s private chef experiences.

Our talented HOMEtainer private chefs make entertaining at HOME stress-free, all you have to do is choose what sort of cuisine you would like. There is a huge collection to choose from, you’ll find everything from bespoke tasting menus, vegetarian fine dining and a Chinese banquet to Indian cookery classes, feasts for a vegan dinner party and CBD dining.

What sort of occasions do the HOMEtainer private chefs cater for?

Our private chef experiences are suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s an intimate date night for two, a milestone birthday party, al fresco summer party or you just want a grazing table at your next night in, our HOMEtainer private chefs can be hired to cook at your dinner party in the comfort of your HOME!

Do you offer cookery classes?

Yes, we have a number of cookery classes that you can book for you and your friends to enjoy at HOME.

Do the private chefs bring the food?

Yes! The best part is you don’t need to do a thing other than invite your guests and book a date. Available across London, our HOMETAINMENT private chefs will come to your HOME with all the ingredients and equipment they need to prepare and cook your meal! Under each experience, you will see if your private chef requires any additional equipment.