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Sub-total (excluding HOMEtainment service fee)
GBP £14.00

GBP £ 14.00 / Guest per 1 hr

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Open 7 days a week

Bring a professional mixologist in the comfort of your home to prepare cocktails for your friends and family including a waiter (or 2x above 20 persons) to serve drinks and collect dirty glasses to be washed.
Including 3 cocktails for each of your friends and entertain your guests.
Will bring a black mobile bar 1m x 0.6m to prepare the cocktails.
Minimum 4 hours

Minimum spend: 400
Lead time (days) ahead of booking: 3
Maximum number of persons: 30
Included (the HOMETAINER will bring...): Mixologist, waiter, glassware, mobile bar, ice, spirits and mixers
I will need the host to provide: table for the bar set up
Beverage Expertise: Bartender
Keywords: mixologist, cocktails, bartender, mobile bar
London London, United Kingdom W2
About the HOMEtainer

Mixologist with love and passion for the drinks industry. Enjoy sharing my experience with people and ensuring that everyone has a great time. I have been lucky enough to have a great mentor and a work experience all around the world for the past 12 years.

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